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Hearing Coverage

We provide family law services to the Central Florida community.

We've Got You Covered

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"A Good Lawyer Knows the Law.
A Great Lawyer Knows the Judge." 

At Bird Law Pro, we know the law AND the judge giving your law firm a distinct advantage over the competition. We are experienced counsel with knowledge of local procedures and admin rules that can affect your case. We also maintain positive relationships with attorneys and judges in the area to your benefit. 

No one wants to get “home-cooked” but it happens all the time. Why waste time and put your case at a disadvantage when you can hire Bird Law Pro for your litigation needs? We are here to help you with our extensive knowledge of other attorneys, judges, and most importantly, the judicial assistants in the area.

Bird Law Pro assists law firms of various sizes - from small practices to the large national firms. We take your trust in us seriously. We are ready to take on any role requested and are always careful to maintain the attorney-client relationship established by you. 

We know family law is special, even in the world of law. Bird Law Pro has the expertise to make your client feel at home while they are in our care. You can trust us to keep your client file confidential and protected because we have your best interest at heart. The best part is you will hire someone with experience that you can trust. Be able to tell your client confidently that they are in good hands. Don’t trust a stranger with your client’s family case. Contact Bird Law Pro and get a professional who you can trust.

Bird Law Pro Coverage FAQ’s

Where Do You Provide Coverage?
We provide coverage throughout the state of Florida. We focus on the counties of Orange, Osceola, and Seminole. If you need coverage in a different county, there may be a mileage fee added.

What Sort of Coverage Services Do You Offer?
We cover hearings, CMC’s, calendar calls, status conferences, depositions, mediations, and trials. 


How Much Experience Do You Have?
We have nearly 10 years of litigation experience in Family Law.


Who Do You Cover For?
We cover cases only for attorneys and law firms.


Do You Take Clients Directly?
No, we do not take on pro se clients directly. We only work with attorneys and law firms.


How Can I contact You?
You can use our quick contact form located here.

When Should I Contact you For Coverage?
You should contact our office as soon as you believe you need coverage because we book up quickly! If you are having an emergency, please contact our office, we may be able to help. 


Who Will Be Covering My Case?
Bird Law Pro only works with experienced litigation attorneys. In most instances, your case will be covered by Bernice Bird, Esq. However, we have several experienced attorneys who work with us as well. You will be notified if Ms. Bird is not the attorney on your case.


Do You Speak Spanish?
Yes, we do speak Spanish at Bird Law Pro and can help you with your Spanish speaking clients.