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Legal Drafting

Let us be your back office. You focus on the clients...we’ll focus on the writing.

Experience Is Written All Over Us

"Good Writing Is Clear Thinking Made Visible."

Whether backlogged with work, in a time crunch, or simply in need of an extra hand, Bird Law Pro clients use our services to help grow their law firms. Bird Law Pro knows that legal drafting and analysis are an important part to any law firm and take a large amount of firm resources. Legal drafting is a major challenge for solo and small law firms. Our expert legal team are ready to manage any type of legal research or legal drafting you may need. Like a white label company, we operate as your one-stop-shop for all your backend legal drafting. This way you can focus on your clients, hearings, and legal activities with ease.

Expert Attorney Drafted Documents for Your Firm

Outsourcing your legal drafting can be stressful. You are not sure who to trust, or if they will do the work correctly and on time. Reduce extra workload, increase productivity, and manage risk with Bird Law Pro. Bird Law Pro takes the anxiety out of outsourcing for you. Legal drafting requires attention to detail that only a professional will know. You need to find the ideal partner who has the skills and experience to oversee your case pleadings. Optimize your business, increase your flexibility, and reduce your costs by outsourcing to Bird Law Pro. 

No Surprise Here

Surprise parties are fun, surprise billing is not. At Bird Law Pro we provide you with an upfront estimate of costs. This helps you to decide what documents you need from us and when. It also helps us to keep our promise to you. Whether you need legal writing, legal analysis, or legal research, we take care of you on time and on budget. And if we must do a bit more work to produce a quality product, we make sure you know beforehand when we will need extras to complete your request. 

Expert Legal Guidance for Growing Law Firms

Bird Law Pro is also available to assist you with legal guidance should you choose to draft your own documents. We provide of counsel services to attorneys in the state of Florida who want the advice of an experienced lawyer. We can show you how to win your case with great writing before you appear in front of the judge. Contact us today to discuss our limited of counsel opportunities. 

Bird Law Pro Drafting FAQ’s

What Sort of Drafting Services Do You Offer?
We can draft all legal documents you may need for family law and litigation in general. This includes petitions, motions, trial exhibits, discovery, and anything you may need during a litigated lawsuit.

How Much Experience Do You Have?
We have over 8 years of litigation experience in Family Law.

Who Do You Draft For?
We draft pleadings only for attorneys and law firms.

Do You Take Clients Directly?
No, we do not take on pro se clients directly. We only work with attorneys and law firms.

How Can I contact You?
You can use our quick contact form located here.

When Should I Contact You for Drafting Services?
Contact our office as soon as you believe you need drafting assistance because we need time to do research and prepare your documents. If you are having an emergency, please contact our office, we may be able to help. 

Who Will Be Drafting My Documents?
Your documents will be drafted by Bernice Bird, Esq.