3 Reasons Why Having A Backup Plan Is Important To You

Updated: Aug 24

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Benjamin Franklin famously said:

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Many solos and small firms fail to prepare for emergencies because they are simply focused on building their firm. It’s hard to imagine a year from now when you are dealing with the day-to-day necessities. But this is also why having a backup plan is so very important. Here is where having a contract attorney on-call can save your bacon.

Reason #1 – Malpractice Insurance Requires It

Did you know that your malpractice insurance carrier requires that you provide a backup attorney should something happen to you? Now you do. This is a requirement to lower your liability should an emergency occur. They want to make sure that your clients will be handled in the correct manner so they will not sure and seek to collect from the insurance company. Some people list their fellow solo friends, but do you really want to place that extra burden on them? It is best to have of counsel or a contract attorney to help handle the load. This way you can still be in charge of your cases even if you are distracted by personal matters. They also provide a stop-gap measure should you need to find a new attorney for your clients.

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Reason #2 – The Bar Requires It

Your malpractice insurer isn’t the only one who is interested in proper client care. The bar association also would like to know who will be handling your cases while you are gone. They too would like to lessen any possible liabilities, in the form of possible bar complaints, against you or them. If you do not have any backup plans you could find yourself without a license to practice once your emergency has passed. By having a contract attorney available to cover your cases, you have a financial hit in the short term, but have a stronger practice in the long term.

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Reason #3 – Having a Stronger Firm

You weren’t expecting that one, right? Yes, by having a backup plan you will have a stronger firm. You can safely tell clients that they will be taken care of in any situation. You also will increase your own mental health and lower your stress levels by securing a contract attorney that is familiar with your firm's procedures. You will have a trusted source of manpower who is able to help you through the rough times. You no longer have to worry about an associate who leaves unexpectedly, a paralegal who can’t draft documents, or a judge who simply does not care about conflicting dates because you already have it covered. Contract attorneys can help in all of these situations and make your firm stronger as a result.

By preparing for emergencies in advance you can make a better, stronger firm. With a contract attorney like Bird Law Pro by your side, you have no limitations. Stop making excuses and start building relationships. Get a contract attorney so you can stop worrying and start growing. Contact Bird Law Pro to see how we can help you.

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