Finding The Perfect Contract Attorney For Your Firm

Updated: Aug 24

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If you have been wanting to hire a contract attorney but don’t know where to start, this blog is for you. Many solos and small firms rely on extra help as they start to grow. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a good contract attorney to help you with your cases if you do not already have a relationship. Thankfully after reading this blog, that will no longer be a problem.

Step One - Finding a contract attorney while you are in court

You know them. They are the people who step forward in court and make this type of statement – “I am Attorney A, appearing for Attorney B on this matter”. When you see this happen in person you don’t think much about it, but they are the very people who could save your bacon months down the line. This is the person you need to approach and get information from. You can easily approach a contract attorney before or after a hearing in court. And it is a good time to see how they would handle your case for you if they were hired to appear for you. Don’t be shy – they are always open to new business!

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Step Two - Finding a contract attorney online

Another good place to look for a contract attorney is online. If you haven’t joined some attorney groups yet – what are you waiting for? This is where your people are! In those groups, you can do a search for a contract attorney to see what names came up in prior posts. And if you don’t find any for you, just make your own post stating you are looking for a contractor. Suggestions will come pouring in and you will have your pick.

Step Three - Research

Researching your prospective contract attorneys is an important part of the process. Just for starters, you can do a simple Google search and Bar member search to find out the basics. This is a good point of reference. You should already know what sorts of things you would like in a coverage attorney such as years of experience, specialties, and what they are able to do. You should also reach out to anyone who has worked with them in the past to see if they are able to give any background information. This is where a quick DM to a friend will be helpful.

Step Four - Reaching Out

After you have an established list of attorneys you think you can work with, it is best to contact them directly. They may be full and unable to take on an additional client. Or maybe your personalities don’t match up. Either way, you need to reach out to find out their rates, turnaround times, and what they need to successfully represent you in court. It’s best to find out this information before you need to hire them so you can decide without pressure.

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Step Five - The Trial Run

This is possibly one of the most important steps in the process. You need to give the contact attorney a simple case to cover for you so you can see what results come back. An ex-parte hearing with an expected result should be fine. It would be good to pick a day when you do not need coverage, so you are not stressing out while in another courthouse. You will be able to see how the contract attorney receives documents, handles the hearing, reports results, and handles your clients. If you have a successful trial run, you can rest assured that you have found the contractor for you.

If you follow these simple steps, you will find it very easy to find a contract attorney to help you grow your firm. It is also helpful to have a contract attorney on hand for any emergencies. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, we recommend using of counsel services. See our article on of counsel services here. Contact Bird Law Pro to see how we can help you. Bird Law Pro also provides of counsel services to family law firms in the Orlando area. Please feel free to contact Bird Law Pro for a consultation.

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