Five Reasons to Hire a Contract Attorney

Updated: Aug 24

You may be a new solo or a growing law firm right now thinking of your next move. Maybe you need to hire an associate but are worried about having enough work for them to do. Or possibly you need someone now and don’t have time to hire someone inexperienced. If your legal to-do list is continually growing, maybe it's time to consider hiring a coverage attorney. Find out how a coverage attorney can help you take the next leap in your law firm.

A Group Of People Boosting Productivity

Contract Attorney’s Boost to Your Productivity

The amount of time you spend in the car driving to and from the court is time you should be spending getting new clients. A common problem, especially with new firms, is they don’t have a backup. With Bird Law Pro you can boost productivity and get more clients while we cover the hearing for you. This equates to more time spent growing your business and less time waiting in traffic.

Contract Attorneys Are Cost-Effective

One of the most attractive benefits of hiring Bird Law Pro is the cost. Hiring a new associate – even part-time – can run you thousands per month. In addition, they will be using your office space, your equipment, and your assistant. When you hire Bird Law Pro, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. We free you of costs that you may not recoup if you have an associate that leaves after a year. This brings us to our next benefit.

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Contract Attorneys Are Always Here for You

Let’s say you have grown enough to hire a full-time associate. That is great news, and we are very happy for you. But what do you do if they get sick, or they are on maternity leave, or they simply quit? Thankfully you have Bird Law Pro to help you through the tight times. If you have an emergency... and chances are you will... Bird Law Pro is available to deal with whatever is needed.

Hate Drafting? We Don’t!

If you are the type of attorney who loves going to court but hates drafting, we can help you too! We have over 8 years of experience in family law matters to back up your case with confidence. Have a particularly difficult matter? We have the experience to help with any highly litigated issue. We don’t shy away from difficult cases or requests. This way you don't have to do anything special but review and file the pleading with the court and move your case forward.

You Remain in Control and Reap All the Benefits

One of the best parts of hiring Bird Law Pro is that you remain in control of your case. We are not interested in taking on clients. For us, the law firm is the client. We only want to make you shine.

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