Stop Worrying! Hire A Contract Attorney!

Updated: Aug 24

man pulling out his hair because he doesn't have a contract attorney

There are obvious reasons to hire a professional contract attorney, such as the need to increase productivity and efficiency, streamline systems, or work on the bigger picture goal of your most cherished dream. But I would venture to say there are at least five great reasons to hire a Bird Law Pro contract attorney. Look at the list and see if you don't agree with many of the things on there.

Less Worry

Perhaps the main point of the list is less worry. Worry about what you say? Making my appointments on time, gaining more clients, filing my pleadings on time, basically everything about being a lawyer. Of course, I'm worried! That happens to everyone.

But when I hire a contract attorney the roller coaster of emotions goes away. A contract attorney buys me the time I feel I never have and makes less worry for me. At Bird Law Pro you know exactly what you are getting every time. A professional. And working with a professional is what gives you a level of assurance for your own firm business.

liquid time

Time Saver

If you are a work-a-holic who often finds yourself at your office late into the night, you need a

contract attorney. It'll be a time-saver and a lifesaver. Delegating the job will save you a lot of time because they will do the parts you hate while you enjoy the parts you love. The contract attorney and you both end up with more time to work on what you love to do and what makes you money. And the beauty of this deal, you aren't paying for big time, you're paying for now, which is what you both want.

Save Money

If you hired a full-time assistant, what did it cost you? Did you hire a full-time paralegal? I am sure that cost a lot too. You have possibly been thinking of bringing on a new associate by now. By hiring a contract attorney, you can take a breath and build your firm without breaking the bank. By hiring Bird Law Pro, we can help you build a bridge to the next level.

Focus on What You Do Best

If you’re always swamped by certain tasks at hand, you need a contract attorney to help lighten the load. By hiring a contract attorney, you can simply leave it in their capable hands and not have to worry about it. You can now start being more productive with your time and focus on your business, not the minutia. You know you'll get your money's worth because you will save so much time.

Seedlings Outgrow The Soil In A Row

You Will Grow Faster

A business simply cannot grow fast enough for most owners. But often the owner is the bottleneck that stops the growth from happening. This is even more true in small or solo law firms that have duties that must be covered by an attorney. Many solos don’t have the extra funds to hire a full-time associate when they need to, and so the firm suffers. With a contract attorney, this doesn’t happen. They are there to help you get to the next level pain-free. By covering hearings and drafting documents, they are the small firm’s secret weapon to growing faster and being more stable than other firms.

You can grow your business faster. With a contract attorney like Bird Law Pro by your side, you have no limitations. Stop the bottleneck in your firm. Get yourself a contract attorney so you can stop worrying and start growing. Contact Bird Law Pro to see how we can help you.

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